Improve any Dinner Party with the Incredible Wine Chiller, Chiller Pronto!ChillerRod14okChillerRod620

The perfect night only requires a few things: good friends, great food, and a delicious bottle of wine. But did you know that white wine is best served chilled? Don’t let the evening fall flat – With the wine chiller stick from Chiller Pronto, you can effortlessly pour wine at its ideal temperature!

These great features make the Chiller Pronto a must for any dinner party or gathering:

  • Made of stainless steel, the Chiller Pronto is high quality and durable.
  • Packaged completely assembled, the chill rod is ready to go from the package to the freezer.
  • A spout is located at the top of the unit for convenient pouring.
  • The Chiller Pronto can be washed and reused, guaranteeing perfectly chilled wine every time.

With so many great benefits, you won’t believe you’ve lasted this long without one:

  • Simple to Use: The Chiller Pronto goes from the package to serving wine in only four steps.
  • Fast: After just two hours in the freezer, simply slip the rod into the neck of the bottle and start pouring.
  • Enhances Flavor: This white wine chiller won’t dilute your drink like ice will. It actually preserves the integrity of the wine while improving the flavor.
  • Convenient: Because it pours cool wine directly from the bottle, the Chiller Pronto saves you trips to the kitchen.
  • Aids in Pouring: The built-in wine chiller stick pourer allows for smooth and clean pouring.
  • Great Design: The slim and modern design allows the wine chiller rod to fit in all standard-sized wine bottles.
  • A Touch of Class: Impress your guests at the dinner table serving your favorite wine with elegant looking Chiller Pronto chill rod will strike up a new conversation.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or you just have an appreciation for the finer things, the Chiller Pronto will transform your next glass of wine into a sophisticated drink!

Take advantage of our 60 days money back guarantee no questions ask!

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